• Maria Waida

Your New Email Marketing Checklist (Actionable, Quick, & Backed by Data)

So I was recently asked what is email marketing. And while the answer is simple on the surface, email marketing is one of my clients' biggest stumbling blocks. Yet building an email marketing list is still a powerful - if not mandatory- tactic for building brand loyalty, engaging your audience, and (ultimately) selling your product.

Before you send out your next message, be sure it checks the following boxes:

1. Is it optimized for mobile?

Set the width of your images to about 80% of the anticipated screen width. Set the height to auto. This should eliminate any gross over-sized photos that make the user trash your email before they even read it.

2. Does it contain video?

As I recently mentioned on my podcast, The SaaSy Copy Show, including video is the most important thing you can do for any email message. It's a definite trend in the digital content marketing world and it's not going away for awhile.

Use your phone. Film in your office. Edit minimally or skip it altogether.

Even a short video is better than no video. Just be sure to talk to the viewer as if they are right in the room with you.

3. Is it personalized?

If you're sending out a massive campaign make sure you use a software that will auto-fill the name of the person you're trying to reach.

If you have previous relationship with the recipient be sure to mention that. This previous relationship can also include seeing them speak at a conference, liking their posts on LinkedIn, etc. Just add a line or two about it to instantly warm up your message.

And that's it! If you find you're struggling with writing the actual email copy then go ahead and message me by clicking START PROJECT in the menu above.

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