• Maria Waida

27 Ideas for How to Increase Website Traffic

We've all been there. Knee-deep in web analytics trying to tease out how to add another thousand unique visitors by the end of the month or our heads might just explode.

You've been pushing content for a while now. You've done some A/B testing. You've even launched a successful Google Adwords campaign. But the numbers aren't quite there.

So what gives?

A visitor on their way to your website.

My theory? You've got the map but you left the gas tank empty.

Do you have a blog but only when you feel like it?

Is your homepage the only SEO optimized part of your website?

Have you launched a Google AdWords campaign but forgot to set up a proper landing page?

In other words, you've got SOME of the things you need... but not all of them.

Here's a list of some things you can do to make sure your website gets the most traffic possible:

1. Navigation that is easy and enjoyable to use.

2. High quality content on every page.

3. Resources like blog posts and e-books that share your industry knowledge.

4. Mobile-friendly design.

5. Email and social sharing buttons for each individual piece of content. Include Facebook and Twitter.

6. Optimized key words on every page.

7. Start a blog. Share content at regular intervals. Only product high quality pieces.

8. Submit your content to other popular websites.

9. Internal, external, and inbound links.

10. Make sure your web analytics are set up.

11. Create and execute a SEO strategy.

12. Frequently update your website (once a month will do).

13. Share on Facebook and Twitter.

14. Optimize each individual page of your website so that they'll have faster load time, individual keywords, and clear call to actions.

15. Have an email gathering plan. This can include giving away downloadable content and/or newsletter sign up.

16. Spy on your competitors' keywords with sites like serpstat.com

17. Include video content on every page. Any kind of relevant video will do. Be sure to provide at least one valuable takeaway.

18. Consider adding a podcast. They're cheap and easy to do.

19. Use paid ads on Google and Facebook.

20. Assess and review progress at regular intervals. Double down on what works and eliminate the rest.

21. Guest blog on websites your visitors also frequent.

22. Invite guest bloggers to be featured on your own site.

23. Comment on industry related blogs. Don't just dump your link - make sure you're adding value to the conversation.

24. Make sure all of your webpages load quickly.

25. Make use of every alt text space on your images.

26. Be active in forums your target audience frequents. Address the topics they care about on your own website.

27. Include interactive content like quizzes and polls.

There are a lot more ways to increase traffic to your website but this list is a great way to get started. If you need help writing high quality content for your blog feel free to submit an order here: https://www.saasycopywriting.com/contact-hire-me

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